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YesUcan Electric Quilt Help Database 

Gordon Cooper from New Zealand, a member of Planet Patchwork's Info-EQ Mail List, has compiled a wonderful electronic database of helpful hints and tips for using Electric Quilt 5 and 6 software, and he's making it available as freeware to everyone through Planet Patchwork as well as The Electric Quilt website. Updated December 2, 2006.

Gordon has pulled together a large collection of tips from Info-EQ subscribers (with their permission) and organized them in a convenient, searchable, stand-alone program which is easy and fun to use. You can download it here for free, and it also allows you to add new tips of your own as you collect them from friends or the internet.

Below are instructions on downloading and installing the program. Read them carefully, then download the program from the link at the bottom of the page.   If you have any comments or questions for Gordon, you can e-mail him at gordon_cooper@clear.net.nz 


Download the file YC611comp.exe through this link. Do this by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save target as. . . " Specify the directory you would like the program downloaded to and make a note of it.

Once the program is downloaded, double-click on the filename in Windows Explorer and it will unzip itself and place the program and database files in a directory on your C: drive named YesUCan61. Once the program is unzipped, follow the instructions below.

Make a shortcut from your Desktop to the program application file YC6p in this folder.

Make a backup copy of the distribution file - YC611comp.exe onto a floppy, CD, or whatever backup system you normally use. Once this is done you may delete YC611comp.exe from the hard drive if you wish to save space.

Print off and read the YesUcan_6.txt file, which is contained in the YesUcan61 folder with the rest of the program's files. This contains Help information - additional to that available on screen when the program is running. Make sure that you understand how to add new data and to edit the existing files.

Note: If you are short of hard drive space, YesUcan6 can be run from a Read/write CD - just make sure that all the files are in the one folder.


It is up to users to keep their YesUcan6 up to date. Gordon will not be issuing any updates of items from the Info-EQ List.

Transferring Items from YesUcan4 or 5.

If you have been a user of YesUcan4 or 5 and wish to transfer items into YesUcan6, you will find detailed notes in the program's Help File.

Gordon Cooper 
Tauranga N.Z. 
2 December 2006

(c) Copyright 1995-2012 by The Virtual Quilt Company. All rights reserved.


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