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The Virtual Quilt, A Newsletter for Computing Quilters

Number Thirty-One * April 1, 1999

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BOOK REVIEWS: Two More on Paper Piecing

It's Raining Cats & Dogs: 32 Paper-Pieced Quilt Projects
Janet Kime
That Patchwork Place 1998
MSR: $21.95

Paper Piecing the Seasons: Foundation Piecing from Easy to Expert
Liz Schwartz & Stephen Seifert
That Patchwork Place 1998
MSR: $24.95

Reviewed by Christina Holland

"It's Raining Cats and Dogs" practically jumped off the shelf at me; as soon as I flipped through it I knew I wanted to read it and use it and write a review of it. I love cats. My family and my friends love cats, too, so there're any number of opportunities to make cat related patchwork pieces. And this is a truly excellent collection.

I approached "Paper Piecing the Seasons" with a little more caution, but it, too, is a superb collection of paper piecing patterns, well worth your attention.

I've now completed two miniature projects from "It's Raining Cats and Dogs": an adorable "Hanging BasKat" (a kitten hanging off of a basket), and a stately Siamese from the "Linus and Samantha" pattern. Of course, in making the Siamese, I forgot about how the pattern would reverse and the cat would be facing the other way. Luckily, it hardly matters. For the record, though, Janet Kime does point out the facts of reversal in the very beginning of the book. I just have an unfortunate habit of doing before reading.

"It's Raining Cats and Dogs" and "Paper Piecing the Seasons" both have great color photos of the finished projects, so you should have no trouble deciding which to make first. In "It's Raining Cats and Dogs," there is a very nice photo gallery. In "Paper Piecing the Seasons," the photos are distributed throughout the book, right before each pattern collection. Also next to the project photos, Liz Schwartz and Stephen Seifert include a color diagram for each project, properly reversed from the photo, and with each pattern piece labeled.

Both books begin with a fairly good, but not overly complete, introduction to paper piecing. "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" lists some of the more common paper piecing mistakes, about half of which I had made that morning in my haste. It also includes general patchwork and quilting instructions, on topics such as sashing, borders, backing, and hand versus machine quilting, as well as some basic embroidery stitches for use in embellishing the projects.

"Paper Piecing the Seasons" has some of the above as well, and a good step-by-step instructional section complete with color photos of each step. In addition, it has a fabulous discussion of fabric choices - much more than you will normally find in a book of patterns. My only quibble with this book, and it's really pretty minor, is in the bit on aligning seams from different pattern sections. The instructions say to look for the lowercase letters on the patterns, line them up, and sew. That's great, except that many of the patterns don't have any lowercase letters on them at all.

The two books have slightly different takes on the whole ironing question. Both explain why you should use a dry iron, never steam, lest you wrinkle and deform the paper. The authors of "Paper Piecing the Seasons," though, also entertain the possibility of skipping the iron altogether, in favor of pressing with a wooden seam pressing bar. This endeared them to me; I hate ironing.

Okay, now for the patterns. "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" is a collection of whimsical cat and dog designs, for use as miniature quilts, in a vest or on a hat, or in a larger quilt project. I counted eleven distinct cat patterns, and four dogs, along with accessories: flowers, stars, a moon, mittens, mice, a bone, a ball, and four different dog houses. It's a little bit skewed towards the cat side of things, but I think that's okay. After all, your cat is probably going to sleep on that quilt more than anyone else, right?

I really love the patterns I've used so far. They're really quick and easy, too; I did two small projects on one Saturday morning.

I always especially love books that give me something extra. I liked Sandy Bonsib's "Folk Art Quilts: A Fresh Look" because she included her favorite chocolate cookie recipe. "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" gives us the story of Charlie. Charlie is a cat who hunts. Only he seems to prefer tulips to mice and birds. The cats in "Charlie's Quilt," dedicated to Charlie, are made of striking tulip colored fabrics. The poem that accompanies the pattern is priceless - see page 39, next to the pattern. It gets the prize for atrociously punny poetry, though, for using the phrase "nipped it in the bud."

The patterns in "Paper Piecing the Seasons" are a little more time consuming. Each of the twelve is a miniature quilt, perfect for hanging on the wall. They're organized by the season they best represent, and some are occasion specific (Easter, Valentine's Day) while some are more general scenes.

I have to be honest; my first reaction to these patterns was along the lines of "Wow, these look hard!" On page five, the authors broach this directly with a short section entitled "The Intimidation Factor," in which they reassure us that any quilter can make any of the quilts in the book, and that "The first step to completing a quilt is having the courage to start."

I found the courage to start the "Country Cottage" pattern, which is classified as Easy/Moderate. So far, it's not too hard at all, and I really like the results. Of the twelve patterns, four are labeled Easy, three Easy/Moderate, and one each Moderate, Moderate/Advanced, Advanced, Advanced/Challenging, and Challenging. The book is weighted towards the Easy.

Oh, but when they say Challenging, they mean it! The last pattern in the book is "Holiday with Family," a charming scene with a house and a tree and a horse drawn sleigh. I would really love to make this quilt, but I'm still intimidated, I guess. It's a small quilt, only 42"x36," less without the border, but it contains 94 distinct foundation patterns. That includes 2 for the wisping smoke from the chimney, and a scary 31 patterns for the horses. The smallest pattern, "BE" which is one corner of the house's roof, is just over 2 1/2" x 1 1/4," with the seam allowance, and it has 6 pieces of fabric in it. If I ever do make "Holiday with Family" (and it's inevitable that I will, someday), I won't be giving it away - it'll be displayed in a place of honor.

I have a feeling that both of these books are going to be used a lot. Some books only inspire you to do one or two projects and then they go on the topmost, and hardest to reach, shelf. These two, though, I think you'll be taking down again and again.



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