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Number Twenty-Five * July 1, 1998

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TWO BOOK REVIEWS: Falling for the Trick

By Christina Holland

LeMoyne Stars Made Easy
Sharyn Squier Craig
Chitra Publications, 1998
32 pages, $12.95

Sharyn Squier Craig's book, LeMoyne Stars Made Easy, saved my quilt.

I'm new to this quilting thing. I have yet to actually make a full size quilt. When I found out that three of my friends were getting married this year, I naturally figured it would be great to make a quilt for each of them, designed with their personalities in mind. Naturally.

The first one to tie the knot will be "Skippy" in July. Now, Skippy's a huge science fiction fan -- into Star Wars and Star Trek and so on -- he even owns a Trek uniform. Therefore his quilt needed to feature stars. I envisioned a random field of stars, of all different varieties. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to make any of them. In my very first quilting books, Start Quilting (Alex Anderson) and Quilting made Easy (Karen Costello Soltys) I found the Friendship and Ohio stars. I got the hang of them fairly quickly, but they were pretty simple. I wanted bigger and better.

The coolest stars are variations on the LeMoyne star theme. Where Friendship and Ohio Stars have squares and triangles on an ordinary nine patch, the LeMoyne brings in the diamond - and removes any semblance of a regular grid. You have to join three, not two, pieces of fabric together for each sub-unit. But when you're done, you have a star with eight, twelve, or sixteen points - a star, basically, that looks like a star. So, I set out to master LeMoyne stars.

Several days later I was just about ready to admit defeat, when a package arrived from my in-laws (the ones I blame for starting this quilting obsession in the first place). In the box was LeMoyne Stars Made Easy.

After an introduction and a short first chapter meant to bring the reader up to speed on strip cutting, Craig devotes chapter 2 to carefully written step-by-step instructions for the basic LeMoyne Star. Each step is clear and concise, plainly labeled and accompanied by a color photo. This is not a book you read and then set aside to sew. It stays open, right next to your machine for easy referencing.

Soon I had a pretty pile of 6-inch LeMoyne stars. More telling, I had the confidence to keep reading past Chapter 2.

For the more complex blocks, Craig no longer provides step-by-step instruction. For each, however, there is a picture of the complete block, cutting measurements for two different block sizes, templates, and a handy diagram to guide the order of piecing.

This book is full of cheerfully-given, sound advice, helpful tips, and tons of pictures -- photographs of the finished product as well as the method, and plenty of diagrams. It is perfect for a raw beginner like me, but contains enough advanced blocks to interest a much more experienced quilter.


Big 'n Easy Mini Quilts: 17 Enchanting Projects
Christiane Meunier
Chitra Publications 1998
32 pages. $12.95

I read quilting books because I like to try new things. And because I believe that a new project, undertaken with the help of a book, will take less time than the same project without the book.

That was not the case this time.

Big 'n Easy Mini Quilts looks like the perfect book for a beginner. It's full of projects which are small enough and simple enough to be completed within a day. I will say that it contains some very helpful hints of which I would not have thought. I chose to do the "shoo fly" mini quilt, which has lots of small pieces. Meunier shows how to simplify the piecing of several small squares by first stitching on a larger square, and then cutting.

This is a book that had the potential to be very good. The projects are fun and attractive when finished. Each section has a photo of the finished quilt and directions, including color diagrams to show the steps and the piecing order.

This makes it all the more aggravating that a little more effort was not put into the book. For each quilt, Meunier provides a list of the types and amounts of fabric you'll need. Don't trust it. I haven't done the math for all of the quilts, but I discovered the hard way that the 1/4 yard of muslin print she recommends for the pattern I was using was not going to stretch to cover the 13 inches of fabric required by the cutting instructions. That meant a waste of fabric and time, since I had to scramble to find a different muslin in my stash.

I found some new fabric, and I had to admit it was probably a better one to use, so I was prepared to forgive a little mathematical clumsiness. I did all the cutting, and started on the piecing. It was all going along fine until I realized that the quilt was going to be completed without my ever needing the twenty 1-1/2 inch squares which I had, following instructions, cut from the muslin.

I figured maybe that line in the instructions was put in by accident - that probably explained the earlier confusion on the amount of fabric needed. Wrong. Even without those squares, a quarter yard would have been insufficient.

Also, the instructions call for setting triangles, both half and quarter squares, but cutting information is given only for the half squares. You can't just cut the half squares in two; the edges don't match up. Similarly, cutting instructions were provided for the small squares in the sashing, but not for the triangles formed when they intersected the quilt edge. Perhaps the expectation is that the reader knows all about setting triangles. However, this was my first time laying blocks out on point. (By the way, if you do want instructions on setting triangles, sashing and other mysteries of life, check out chapter 4 "setting solutions" of Sharyn Squier Craig's LeMoyne Stars Made Easy.)

I did finish my "shoo fly" mini quilt (well, almost - I'll get the binding done eventually). It only took a Saturday afternoon and evening, and I was able to use fabrics I already had. It was even fun, mostly. If you like mini quilts, to hang on your wall or make into a pillow or whatever, then by all means, take a look at this book. There are some great ideas in there.

Just don't trust this book's instructions too much. Read all of the piecing instructions first, to see what you'll actually need to cut. Then figure out how much material you'll need. It's kind of like back in grade school, when the teacher would hand out a test and say "Be sure and read all of the instructions." Then you'd struggle with instructions number 1 through 9, which would be things like "Write down the chemical formula for penicillin" or "Give the square root of the population of Mongolia." When you got to number 10, it would tell you to "Disregard instructions 1 - 9. Write your name at the top and hand in this paper."

I think I only fell for that trick once.

Christina Holland lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, with her husband and two cats. She quilts when she's not studying for her doctorate in physical oceanography. You can see her various quilting projects at



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