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Number Seventeen * July 1, 1997

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Spoiled By FedEx

The Mary Frances Sewing Book: Adventures Among the Thimble People

by Jane Eayre Fryer
Originally published 1913 by The John C. Winston Company Reproduced 1997 by Lacis Publishing, Berkeley, California

By Lynn Holland

Cover for Mary Frances book.One of my vivid memories of childhood in Orlando was taking the bus downtown by myself (a big deal for a then 8-year-old) and going to the old Albertson library, the one with the library lions. Although I was a avid reader of the usual juvenile fiction, even as a child I loved craft and needlework books. My all-time favorite was a book about Mary Frances who learned to knit and crochet with the help of needles and hooks who magically came to life when adults weren't present.

The Albertson is long gone and for the last 30 years I have missed Mary Frances. Every so often, I have idly threatened to have an out-of-print book service conduct a search for me so that we might be reunited. But my practical side always deterred me from such frivolity. Imagine my excitement when I opened the June issue of Piecework and peering out at me from an advertisement for Lacis was Mary Frances herself!

This time Mary Frances was learning to sew instead of knit and crochet, but she was still the same old friend of my childhood, now available as a reprint. I wasted no time in calling Lacis, a store that specializes in reprints of needlework books, recreations of old sewing notions, and other nostalgia-ware. After 30 years, waiting a couple of weeks to be reunited with Mary Frances should be no big deal, but I have been spoiled by Fed Ex. Suffice it to say that the mail order department (probably befitting the nostalgia reprint market), appears to be more attuned to gentler, simpler times. It took a full two weeks and a phone call before Mary Frances appeared on my doorstep.

It was, however, a joyous reunion, at least on my part. Mary Frances had not aged one bit. Actually, she was now more youthful than ever and her companion, Fairly Flew, looked marvelous. Her magic pals were as amusing as ever. The book itself is beautifully done, with illustrations typical of the early 1900s (the original book was published in 1913). If you grew up with the old Book House series of approximately the same vintage, you will recognize the look of the lovely color plates. The text itself is pretty snappy, given the vintage. It's full of puns, and somewhat reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz or Dr. Dolittle series for its cleverness.

If you are interested in historical clothing, you will love the doll outfits that Mary Frances learns to sew. She makes her doll Mary Marie an automobile outfit (NOT jeans), an "ermine" cape, something called a guimpe and several other items most of us have never heard of but which were part of a little lady's wardrobe earlier in the century. Should you be so inspired that you want to replicate these outfits, full size patterns are included with the book. My only disappointment is that they are for a 16-, not 18-inch doll. Sorry, Samantha.

From the perspective of a veteran parent, it does seem hard to believe that Mary Frances could possibly be as virtuous and industrious as the book portrays, but after all, scissors talk and the needles sew by themselves. This IS a fantasy. The story line would probably not mesmerize the modern child, but I am still enthralled by how Mary Frances made the best of her time by herself, not playing Nintendo or watching Oprah, but hand sewing a wardrobe for her doll. The closest girls of the '90s usually get to this kind of activity is to order the right stuff from Pleasant Company.

In tune with this trend, Lacis is happy to offer Mary Frances' now grownup fans (complete with Visa cards all their own) a lovely reproduction of Mary Frances' sewing bird as well as all of her magic sewing tools. Lacis offers other fascinating reproductions, should you not find Mary Frances to be your cup of tea. In checking out their web site you will find other vintage reprints, antique laces, fancy imported threads, bridal items, tassels and many otherwise hard to find items. The good news for me is that they do plan to reprint Mary Frances' knitting and crocheting book. Knit and Knack and CroShay - I can hardly wait!



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