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Number Five * January 1, 1996

Quilting on the Web: Part 3

Our exploration of quilting-related web sites continues this issue with a look at four sites, some of which have been around a while and some which have only recently made their debut on the WWW. With this issue TVQ also introduces a rating system for web sites. It is a simple and entirely subjective system, from one to five stars. Five stars are the best, one star the worst. Ratings are at the end of each write-up. My criteria (or prejudices) should be clear from the write-ups; flames or "alternative points of view" are welcome!

Turtle's Quilting Playground ( turtle.htm), maintained by Karen and Bob Nick of the Huntsville, Alabama area, has recently inaugurated a series of online quilt shows which will change monthly. Their current offering is the First Annual Holiday Quilt Show and contains images of some twenty-four quilts on holiday themes. Image quality is somewhat uneven, but overall is good, and the pages are nicely designed and load quickly. A unique twist on this virtual quilt show is the ability to vote for your favorite quilt simply by clicking on a radio button through your browser. If you enter your name and e-mail address you also become eligible for door prizes donated by contest sponsors and the top vote-getting quilts also win prizes. Prize-winners for December were announced on Christmas Day.

Upcoming shows include groupings of quilts by guilds and online groups including Delphi's Online Quilters and Quiltnet. Turtle's Playground also prominently features information about quilts stolen from various quilt shows and includes well-organized pages on quilt guilds, shops, and shows. These last areas are still very much under construction, and much of the information is gleaned from the Quiltnet FAQs


RATING: Four Stars.

The Alphamall Quilters' World ( qc.html) also has a quilt exhibition, but with more of a commercial cast, as all the quilts on display are for sale and the company invites quilters to advertise their wares at their site. The site is not entirely commercial, however, as it offers several areas of free information and posting space. It has a unique (on the web) Quilters' Bulletin Board, much like those on the online services, where visitors may post questions or observations about quilting. The postings are threaded, but so far there are not a lot of them.

There is a page of quilting tips, to which new tips may be contributed, a directory of quilt stores (mostly in central and eastern Canada and Massachusetts) which contains names, addresses, and phone numbers (but no critiques), and a place for free posting of quilt show announcements. There is also a page of links to other quilt-related sites.

The site overall is professionally produced but feels a bit cold, without the warmth of a distinctive personality or the sense of a community of quilters. It also appears to be somewhat neglected, with some of the pages not updated in several weeks. With a little creativity and a less stodgy approach this could be a dynamite site, but as it is it doesn't invite a re-visit.

RATING: Two Stars.

Jan Cabral's "High Tech Quilting" page (http://www.infinet .com/~jan/) is an unabashedly commercial page providing information about her publications, workshops and classes dealing with computing applications for quilting. The site is marked by some nice fabric scans, presumably done by Jan herself, as one of her books is entitled "Digital Fabrics: How to Make Computer Generated Fabrics." The site also contains some stolen quilt alerts and a somewhat standard page of links to other quilting sites. The page could benefit from some excerpts from Jan's books or other free information which would draw people to the site. (See the review of Jan's new book, "CorelDRAW for Quilters and Fiber Artists," elsewhere in this issue.) Nicely produced and organized, this site suffers mainly from an "all work and no play" mentality.

RATING: Two Stars.

By way of contrast to these last two somewhat sterile sites, "Judy Heim's Miscellany Page" ( /~judyheim/) is chock full of personality and interesting tidbits about herself, her passions and, incidentally, the books she has published, including The Needlecrafter's Computer Companion. The opening page begins with an informal picture of Judy with one of her dogs. The caption reads: "O.K. so I'll never make the cover of Glamour. What do you expect from a computer geek?" This self-deprecating humor and down-home style mark Judy's approach throughout, making her pages a delight to peruse.

There are, to be sure, plenty of "obligatory book plugs" (as she puts it) at the site, but these also include generous excerpts from the books themselves as well as other related but free and entertaining features. There is, for example, an extensive catalogue of cat patterns for quilts, wearables, and other needlecrafts. Judy's not selling them, but she tells you about them and where they're available, and includes a few gifs into the bargain.

There are also a couple of biographical sketches, along with gifs, of some of the cats and dogs she has adopted and cared for. This very rich site takes several visits to explore completely, and hopefully will continue to be enriched by Judy's fertile and somewhat off-the-wall imagination.

RATING: Four Stars.


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