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Number Forty-One * July 1, 2000

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Quilt Shops in Maryland and Virginia

By Christina Holland

G Street Fabrics
11854 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

I recently spent a month in Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. My work, nominal reason for my stay there, kept me pretty busy every Monday through Friday.

But there's always the weekend!

My first weekend in town, I got together with some friends. My friends Niki and Karen, who as crafters themselves appreciate and share my love of fabric, had promised me a trip to some super- duper, amazing "Mecca of fabric." I had never, they assured me, seen anything like this.

I wasn't all that surprised, really, when it turned out to be G Street Fabrics. I was happy, though, to finally make my own pilgrimage.

A review of G Street can be summed up easily. If you haven't been there, go. Immediately. Just put down the needle, and go. Are you still here? Oh, all right...

G-Street's wall of buttons.

First of all, it's enormous. Room after room, spread across two spacious floors, there are bolts upon bolts of material everywhere you look. It's not just a quilt shop by any stretch; you can find pretty much any kind of fabric your heart desires.

A few highlights:

There's the evening wear section. Beware. Some of these fabrics are gorgeous, with lace and tiny beads sewn on by hand. Their prices, however, run in the triple digits per yard.

There's an entire room devoted to notions. The best thing there has to be the wall of buttons. Take a number when you walk in if you want to look at any of those up close.

Then, of course, there's the quilter's area. Tucked away in a relatively small corner on the bottom floor of the store, it's nonetheless larger than many quilt shops I've visited.

Antique prints, batiks, juvenile prints and oriental designs are all well represented. The plainer fabrics are arranged by color behind the cutting tables, but the fun ones are all out where you can get your hands on them.

Karen described G Street as a "digger's paradise." The pricing does defy logical expectations. You'll find plenty of great quilting fabric for $8 a yard, but right next to it on the shelf will be bolts selling for $18 a yard. If you're like me, you'll want to check the price before falling in love too completely. But for those willing to dig, there are certainly treasures to be found.

The entrance to G-Street's notions room.

There are several places to eat nearby. There's an interesting looking French place next door, a Chili's down the street, and pretty much anything else you'd like.

G Street also has two locations in Virginia, which I have to check out next time I'm in the area.

The Shops at Huntington Gateway
5962 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22303

Another weekend came around, and I decided it was time to find some more fabric. My friends were out of town, and I was without a car, but that's just part of the adventure. So what if I was in Maryland, and the shop I wanted to see was in Virginia?

So I hopped on a bus and then a Metro train, and got off at the King Street station in Alexandria. That's when fate took over. My intent was to catch another bus, to take me to Fairfax to see the Quilt Patch. But there I was at the station, blocks away from historic King Street, with forty-five minutes before my bus would come. So I started walking in what I figured was the right direction. Ten minutes later, I nearly ran right into Quilt-N- Stuff, an unexpected pleasure.

Quilt-N-Stuff's location, when I saw it, was pretty small. They had a very nice selection of fabrics, just not a lot of room to maneuver. The classroom was the back half of the room, separated from the store floor by a shelf.

Which, I would guess, is why they're about to move. The new location is as I listed above. The women I spoke with in the shop said that the new location is roomier and altogether nice. They will open there on July 5th, 2000.

Many of the nicest fabrics had been pre-cut to yard increments (it was also available on the bolt), to save time and space. I was in a hurry (to catch that bus), so I was glad to find several of the fabrics I had been admiring available in pre-cut yards. Prices were $7 and up per yard.

From what I saw of how they were making use of their current space, I can definitely recommend visiting them. Everyone was very friendly, and I wish I could have stayed longer.

The Quilt Patch
10381 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22030

The Fairfax bus left me at the Fair City Mall, right where Little River Turnpike becomes Main Street. I stopped to eat there, at Jerry's Subs and Pizza. There are several eating establishments around. Further on Main Street, you'll find Carlos O'Kelly's, which advertises Mexican food, and Main Street Bagel, across the street from the Fairfax Museum and Visitor's Center.

I dallied at the Fair City Mall to browse Minnesota Fabrics; the internet let me to believe it existed there. It didn't. There is a Hancock Fabrics, but I decided to forge on to the Quilt Patch.

Okay, here's where I have to say - don't do what I did. Rent a car. Really.

An hour's walk in the middle of a summer afternoon later, I arrived.

The Quilt Patch, however, is delightful. It's set in the middle of historic "Old Town" Fairfax, in a very big, very blue, house at the corner of Main Street and Old Lee Highway. Walk around to the side entrance, off the driveway, not the porch.

If you've been to The Quilt Patch before but not recently, be aware that they've moved about a block from their previous location. Their website has the details, and a map.

The inside somewhat resembles a maze. One room of the house feeds into another, and another, each one filled with fabric. I could have spent a lot of money there.

The only reason I didn't, really, was that I was thinking of the walk back, and the fact that I'd have to carry anything I bought. I settled for a half dozen or so fat quarters. One of the rooms had baskets and baskets full of fat quarters set out to tempt people like me. The ones I bought were $2.25 each.

Another room contained the "dog patch", the eventual destination of fabrics no one had yet decided to take home with them. The fabrics there were marked at $4.50 per yard, with a one yard minimum.

The shop was bustling when I was there, but everyone was very courteous

After you finish in the Quilt Patch, walk next door to the Second Yard, where you'll find home decor fabrics and fun antiques.



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Texas always does things in a big way, and quilt stores are no exception. Lynn Holland reviews the offerings of the Austin area and the nearby Hill Country.

Marge Hurst, Polish-Cypriot-American-New Zealander and most of all world citizen and quilter, talks about her unique art quilts and the things that inspire them.


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