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"Untitled Medallion," by Bara Byrd, 1993. Youngest and boldest quilter of the family which produced the quilts in the "Four Generations," part of the exhibit.

"Banana Split," by Arbie Williams (b. 1916)

"Pig in the Pen," by Maple Swift, 1988.

"Untitled Square in a Square," Sherry Byrd, California (b. 1951), quilt made 1989. Strip quilted with corduroy.

"Untitled Square in a Square," Kitty Jones, Mississippi, (1900-1974). Quilt made before 1973.

"Love Knot," Minnie Lee Metcalf, Louisiana (b. 1912). Based on a design taught to the quilter by her grandmother. The crosses and hearts represent "Jesus's teaching that we should love one another."

"Broken Stove Jacob's Ladder," Fannie Mae Moore (b. 1913), 1989.

"Untitled Log Cabin," Louisa Fite, Texas, (1900-1976), made before 1970.

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