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Product Review: The Go Board Portable Folding Ironing Board

By Lynn Holland

Ironing is an obsession for some of us. If you are a longtime visitor to Planet Patchwork, you know we have written about this before. I can blame it on my mother, who believes the only good garment is an unwrinkled garment. So it is no wonder that one of the products with which I became smitten at Market was the Sullivan Go Board.

Basically, the Go Board is a portable ironing board that folds in half when not in use. Not your K-Mart wobbly-legged portable ironing board, but a sturdy, well-padded model that folds down in the proverbial jiffy and is cute to boot. The legs give it lots of stability because they are just like two mini-traditional legs that snap into place with supports to keep them strong and steady. It also has a retractable iron stand for easy use in small spaces.

I have to admit that I first fell in love with its yummy variety of colors- lime, blueberry and strawberry, but attractiveness in an ironing board is really secondary. At Market, it appeared to have it all, but I knew that looks could be deceiving. So it had to stand the ultimate test: Mother. (That's her to the right.)

Shortly after our visit to Market, my parents moved into a retirement community which had less storage space than their previous residence. When the first Go Board arrived at Planet Patchwork, I decided that this might be a good solution for my mother, who canít easily maneuver her traditional board into place and struggles with the big thing almost daily. Although when I talked to her about it on the phone before she saw it, she had a dozen reasons it wouldnít work. ďOkay,Ē I said, ďjust try it and if you donít like it Iíll take it away.Ē As soon as I got it in the door, she was all over it. ďItís darling! And so well padded! Thereís even a stand for the iron!Ē

I made sure she could put it up and down despite her weak hands. She could figure out how to snap the legs up, and then collapse it back for easy storage. (Tip: Be sure the board is perfectly flat before you pull the pin out to fold it up.) She could manage it herself very easily, and liked the fact that she could store it in a closet or under the bed if needed.

The Go Board is a great alternative for those folks who live in small spaces but need a good ironing surface for projects and clothing. It can be taken almost anywhere because it folds down to fit in a suitcase. (A nice alternative to groveling under the bed at some B & Bs to see IF an ironing board is stored down there). Also it's great for RV or dormitory living, and you can take it to quilting class as well. Dimensions are 12" wide by 32" long, 16" long when folded.  Plus, itís stable enough to hold the iron without tipping, so you donít have that worry, either. Iím planning to put mine in the guest room so visitors can have what they need without going to the laundry room or setting fire to my pillows.

 You can find the Go Board in the Planet Patchwork store.

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