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Welcome to the Planet Patchwork Quilters' Bookstore

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Planet Patchwork, in association with its partner, books, brings you a convenient way to buy your favorite quilt books online. And even better, many of them can be bought at substantial discounts from retail and delivered to your door.

Check out our selections below, arranged in alphabetical order by title. Over time we hope to offer the most comprehensive selection of quilt books anywhere on the net, with reviews and information to help you make your choices. So why hunt all over town for that quilting book you just heard about? If you don't see the book you want here, just e-mail us and we'll check into its availability and get back to you promptly!

To learn more about each book, and to order if you wish, simply click on the book title. You can place books in your "shopping cart" to purchase them, or may remove them at any time. If you haven't bought anything online before, give it a try. It's easy, safe -- and fun!

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